Do not believe the hype of the negative mainstream media. Every black man is capable of creating an extraordinary life. He can create inner peace, dynamic health, great relationships and financial abundance. If you’re ready to create the life of your dreams you are going to need some tools. This site is designed to provide you with the tools you need to build the life of your dreams.”     Coach Michael Taylor

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What Is Onlyness?

The Cure For Onlyness

Discover the secrets of thriving as a black male in a world that is rigged against you with this definitive guide to self-improvement for black men!

Do you often find yourself despairing at the abysmal and “doom-and-gloom” statistics of black men? Are you tired of being forced to conform to noxious societal labels and subscribe to stereotypes that don’t serve your ultimate purpose and goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guide might just be what you need.

In this powerful guide, Michael Taylor, an accomplished life coach and entrepreneur, shows you how to shatter limiting beliefs peculiar to black men and hands you the blueprint to living a life of joy, happiness, fulfillment and accomplishment.

Among the insights contained in The Cure for Onlyness, you’re going to uncover:

  • The 10 toxic stereotypes against black men you must actively fight against in your personal and professional life if you want to live a life of full of joy, passion, and purpose
  • The two destructive belief systems that keep black men trapped in mediocrity
  • How to shatter the glass ceiling that society has imposed on you as a black male with a powerful belief system
  • The single most powerful mindset shift you can have as a black man to help you broaden your personal horizon beyond the labels and stereotypes
  • How your subconscious belief shape your immediate reality and getting your mind aligned with your highest goals and vision
  • The ugly side of positive thinking and how the trap of optimism might actually be detrimental to achieving your goals
  • How to find your tribe of like-minded goal-getters to provide mutual support and reach your goals faster
  • The 10 keys to creating healthy, fulfilling and mutually-beneficial relationships
  • …and much more!

Filled with deeply personal experiences, powerful anecdotes and life-changing advice, The Cure for Onlyness will get you started on your journey to self-enlightenment and help you become the absolute best version of yourself.


“The reader will enjoy something truly impressive and thought-provoking in Coach Michael Taylor’s narrative voice, which is both highly intellectual and engaging. I recommend this book to men of color who are looking for real inspiration and who find it hard to navigate their own path towards a successful career, loving relationship, good health, spirituality, and more.”

Benjamin Ookami

Book Reviewer

“I have read many motivational books in my life, but this one stands out for its in-depth analysis and simple language. I especially like that Taylor explains how the brain works and how it is different from the concept of “mind.” After reading The Cure for Onlyness, you will reach a level of awareness that you probably did not have before.The Cure for Onlyness is an excellent read for black men who want to become better persons. Also, for its intrinsic value, it is an outstanding piece of writing.”

Astrid Lustulin

Book Reviewer

“It was a pleasure reading this book because it tapped into so many different avenues that men of color have been and are still experiencing over the years, but with each decade men are evolving stronger, wiser and encouraged despite the obstacles they face. I loved how Michael emphasized that choosing the right partner and creating your tribe is what is important in helping a man to build and grow into a more well rounded, healthy person.”

Vernita Naylor

Book Reviewer

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Every black man is capable of creating an extraordinary life.


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